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background to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients! 

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  • Senior Scientist


    Position:Senior Scientist
    Location: Suzhou, China

    1. Responsible for project research, laboratory cell biology, pharmacology experiments, leading or participating in project planning and program design;
    2. Process and analyze the experimental data in a timely manner, make authentic, clear and complete experimental records as required;
    3. Report the experimental results and problems encountered in the experimental process in a timely manner, and have reasonable planning and clear professional knowledge of the experimental projects;
    4. Coordinate the internal and external CRO-related cooperation of the company, organize and report the progress of each node of the project in a timely manner, and provide certain technical support for problems that arise.

    1. Ph.D., major in biology, immunology, pharmacology and other related majors;
    2. 3 years or above experience in antibody drug research and development, with experience in ADC drug research and development is preferred;
    3. Possess a strong theoretical foundation and experimental hands-on ability, familiar with tumor cell culture and routine molecular biology experiments;
    4. Integrity, initiative, independent thinking, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.